Client Highlight - Tango Legal

CLIENT HIGHLIGHT! Today, we are excited to highlight our client Tango Legal, who is located in Raleigh, N.C.. Read on to learn more about who this business is, what they have to offer, and why they chose our law firm.

WHO ARE YOU? "We're Tango Legal, a conversational A.I. service for the legal world. Our platform connects law firms with consumers seeking their services on over 150+ million voice controlled devices."

WHY WAS YOUR COMPANY STARTED? "Ultimately, we started this company to help consumers and attorneys find each other. After working in IT for the Judicial Branch and attending legal tech accelerators with Duke Law School and LexisNexis, we set out on a mission to understand why 77% of legal problems don’t get help, yet over 80% of law firms are seeking new clients. We discovered that there are some unique flaws in how consumers search for legal help and how law firms market themselves. Tango Legal was started to bridge the gap with A.I."

WHAT DOES YOUR BUSINESS OFFER? "For law firms, we offer turnkey voice marketing, lead generation and engagement tools on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant platforms. In layman's terms, when a consumer asks their smart device a legal related question such as 'How do I prepare a will?' or 'Who can help me with my auto accident injury?'; our A.I. interprets their request and shares the contact information of a local law firm who serves those practice areas. We also offer development and support for custom voice applications - typically used for law firm client retention and communications."

WHY DID YOU USE HILL LAW? "As a startup, we needed an experienced legal team to help us form our company and represent us as we fundraised. Hill Law, PLLC has been wonderful to work with. Their experience and knowledge has helped us tremendously as we built our company."

If you want to learn more about Tango Legal, you can visit their website at

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