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We are here to help you build a solid foundation on which you can grow seamlessly.

Casual Work Meeting

Business Formation

Dedicated legal team to help guide you through the process of forming your business

General Counsel

Personalized advice on legal and strategic matters as you build a foundation for your business


Develop agreements and advise on the important terms that form the internal structure of the partnerships, joint ventures, and business relationships

Contract Negotiations

Safeguard your interests with an advocate to negotiate and review your contracts - from the most simple to the most complex

Employment Matters

Ensure compliance with labor laws, create employee handbooks and policies, and set up your hiring process

Keep Track of Your Progress

Our client portal provides an up-to-the-minute status on legal projects and access to real-time communication and resources


We can't wait to help you get started! Tell us a bit about your business, and we will be in touch soon!